Nicholas D. Caruso, Jr. is a former member of the Bloomfield (CT) Board of Education; serving from 1983-93. During his tenure on the board he served as board secretary and board chair. While serving on the board, Nick also served on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, Chair of the State Relations Committee and as the Association’s First Vice-President. He left the board in 1993 to become a lobbyist for the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities working for local town governments, but soon found himself back at CABE as a staff member. Nick is responsible for Board Training and facilitation, Coordinator of Technology for the Association as well as other tasks.


Nick is a member of the NSBA Advisers group (seen regularly in the American School Board Journal) and a regular columnist (The Board Savvy Superintendent) for the School Administrator Magazine. Nick has had articles published in several national publications and has presented nationally on various topics.


Nick also served on the steering committee for the Connecticut Partnership for 21st Century Schools and was a long-standing member of the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Academy for Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology. Nick represented CABE on the Joint Committee for Educational Technology. He currently serves on the Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology.


Nick has had the pleasure to work with 149 of the 169 boards of education in Connecticut doing over 1000 workshops covering a variety of topics including basic roles and responsibilities, board evaluation, goal setting and effective meetings. Nick is currently involved in the Lighthouse Project; a research-based training program designed to help boards of education focus on improving student achievement.